Best In Show
Ch. Nashira's Excalibur of Ridgelea

We are proud to present to the Judges and the Ridgeback Fancy, our Best In Show Foundation Sire. 'Ex' is a Ridgeback that one could envision actually doing his job. His beauty, symmetry and bone bespeak an athlete capable of actually bringing down game if called upon. His rock solid temperament compliments his powerful appearance, combining to form a seldom realized ideal:
  • Beauty
  • Soundness
  • Stability

'Ex' is always owner-handled by Concetta

The Ridgeback's job is coursing large game, not rabbits. In any breed, the fact that useage has changed to that of a companion and houseguard should never be taken as an excuse to lose those qualities which make the breed what it originally was. We at Nashira are determined to breed to the standard. We know that it is possible to do so and yet produce a show dog; elegance can be combined with a sound mind and body, and the true movement which can keep the dog on the trail for periods of time up to 7 hours before the hunt actually begins - as the breed was originally constituted.

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Among the bitches at Nashira is Ex's litter sister, 'Meera' who shares many of Ex's qualities.
Ex puppies are now winning in the show ring, and you will be hearing more about them.

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