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The Portuguese Water Dog

General Appearance

Known for centuries along Portugal's coast, this seafaring breed was prized by fishermen for a spirited, yet obedient nature, and a robust, medium build that allowed for a full day's work in and out of the water. The Portuguese Water Dog is a swimmer and diver of exceptional ability and stamina, who aided his master at sea by retrieving broken nets, herding schools of fish, and carrying messages between boats and to shore. He is a loyal companion and alert guard. click here.

Portuguese Water Dog (PWD, 'Porty') Colors: Black, Black and White, Brown. Height 17-23 inches at the shoulder (withers). Weight about 40-60 pounds.

This highly intelligent utilitarian breed is distinguished by two coat types, either curly or wavy; an impressive head of considerable breadth and well proportioned mass; a ruggedly built, well-knit body; and a powerful, thickly based tail, carried gallantly or used purposefully as a rudder. The Portuguese Water Dog provides an indelible impression of strength, spirit, and soundness. From the AKC Breed Standard. For the rest of the standard, click here.

The Show Porty may sport the Retriever clip (above right) or the Lion trim (right). Pets will be a bit more unkempt, and may be either shaved right down to the skin, or grown out from the 'retriever' clip in a shaggy or slightly unkempt manner.

You May See Pet Porties Looking Like This




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